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Moo, muthafuckas

Mmm... perhaps this is a bad title to be using on a school computer? Ehhh... no care, no change.

Over the weekend was in Chicago. Chicago was... decent. Hotel sucked majorly. In a big way. It's ok, though. We paid the hotel restaurant in spare change. They were not amused. ^_^

Oh, anyway... "Blue Man Group" is awesome. It's like... my subconscious, except more frenetic. And with lights and drums and stuff. but I was totally blown away. Go see, if you possibly get the chance (I wanna drag my dad back out. Must. See. Museums. Blue men are a plus). And then "Tommy Guns" was okay. Not great, but it didn't suck either. A gangster called me gorgeous (after I observed that he was tall). *giggles girlishly and hides her face* Teehee!

Bus ride: bad. Roommates: good. Food: bad. Chicago: the best effing city in the world!

And Monday I was... bored. And today I missed my bus. And now I'm stuck here.

Sometimes I just loathe my luck.

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