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I stole it from Sineala

1. What was the very first fandom you got involved in:
Umm... I know when I was little, little, little I loved Disney and "The Secret Of NIMH" and everything. That may not count though. I think the first real, honest-to-god fandom was "The Lion King". I was, like, nine.

2. What is the most recent fandom to catch your interest:
Okay... that'd be "Murder By Numbers". Although I'm not sure that counts as a "fandom" quite yet. We need more people.

3. Fandom you've stayed loyal to the longest:
I think that's actually "Harry Potter", since I've liked that for more than two whole years. Though I still love "The Secret of NIMH". And that's somewhere around... twelve years of loving. Fandoms that I stayed continuously dedicated to for the longest time were Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon. One year each.

4. Fandom(s) you're most passionate about:
Oooh. Harry Potter at the moment. I'm still trying to inject a sense of Harry/Remus into people's general consciousness.

5. Fandom(s) you wish you could get into, but can't:
I wish I could go back to the Gundam Wing fandom. As for ones I could never get seriously into... always stuff like "...Tenchi" and "Ranma 1/2". I'm not too big on comedy anime.

6. Fandoms you're curious about, but never had the chance to get into:
Highlander, definitely. Buffy. Umm... pretty much all of the Final Fantasy games. Battle Angel Alita. X/1999 (Or... whatever it's called).

7. Fandom that's been the most fun to be involved in:
Gundam Wing. There were spats in Gundam Wing, but then I met so many awesome people on the 1x3ml. Including Zero-chan... whom I don't speak to anymore. ;__; We'd probably still talk, if only I still liked Gundam Wing.
Trigun ranks a close second. Loads of fun in that fandom. ^_~

8. Fandom that's been the least fun to be involved in:
Mmmm... X-Men:Evo, as much as I hate to say it. Too much fighting. There are great people in the fandom... but sometimes I just can't stand the bickering!

9. Fandom you're ashamed to admit you were involved in:
X-Files. *blushes* Years and years ago. Mulder/Scully, Mulder/OC and all...

10. Are you looking for a new fandom, or actively avoiding getting sucked into something new:
No, no, no! No more! Stay away! *makes the sign of the cross* I have more than enough to do! Really!

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