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First lines

Yup... I've seen others do it and now I'm hoppin' on the bandwagon. What a pain in the ass to collect them all, though...

Gundam Wing (all are Trowa/Heero. Pretty much)

From "A Joyful Alleluia" : "The house was quiet as I walked, sleepless, from room to room."
- What an innocuous little sentence for such a stupid epic.

From the original "A Joyful Alleluia" (that I never finished): "I'm sorry," Heero Yuy's voice was uncustomarily soft in confines of the tiny room; heavy black curtains that covered an entire wall soaked the sound from the air."

From "Call Me Ishmael" (Never finished): "The moonlight weaves the story for me."
-I like it.

From "Faded" (My only Trowa/Quatre, written at the insistence of a friend and never finished): "The boy was beautiful, no doubt about that."

From "Sometimes I Feel Sad" (Never Finished): ""Heero?" Trowa Barton barely gave the boy across from him a glance as he consulted the chessboard between them. "

From "Missing the War" (Never finished): "As we go about our daily lives we often forget that the people we come into contact with every day, the people we love and fear and could never be without, have a dark, animal side to them that we seldom see."
-I loved this title. I wish I'd been able to do more with the idea.

From "Cigarette Burns, Comforters, And Clock Radios": "Silently, I watched him."
-Simple and to the point.

From "I Alone": "I found the world to be, to my great surprise, cold and dark when I opened my eyes, awakened from what had been a peaceful sleep."

From "The Unforgiven": "A tremor rushed through the plains as a high wind kicked up loose dust and turned it into whirling cyclones that subsided in seconds, their lives short and meaningless. "

From "Sensitive New Age Guys": "I walked into the room and was completely taken aback by the sight that greeted my eyes."
-A good opener for a humor fic.``

From "Hush, Little Baby": "Warm, pulsating jets of water gushed over my back, taking with them the tension in my sore and tired muscles."

From "Hit Me Baby": "Hey, wait a minute."
-Another innocuous, silly little line... from my most controverisal story ever.

From "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" (My only gen piece ever...): "Fuck you, bitch."
-Probably my favorite. No better way to open up a story.

From "And All Through The House": "The clock flashed 11:30."

From "(I Just) Died In Your Arms": "I am the silent messenger."

From "Empty Threats": "Sharp, heavy breathing was the only thing that punctuated the silence of my tiny bedroom."

From "G Is For Gundam" (Never finished... a very 'Tracer Bullet' -esque little mystery story): "I got the call at about 4:30 Thursday afternoon."

From "Grieving Souls": "I paused."
-Short, huh?

From "Just Breathe": "The stinging slap of flesh on flesh cut through the room’s stillness like a knife."

From "Living You, Loving You, Living You" (My very first yaoi lemon! Ever!): "Night."
-This has got to be a record, somewhere. I swear to god that that's the first sentence in its entirety.

From "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep": "There was so much space between us."

From "ShowerHead" (A Zechs/Treize softcore porn story. My first yaoi fanfic ever!): "Silence is deafening."

From "Some Can't Tell The Difference Anymore": "I am alive."
-*pats Trowa on the head* Yes, dear.

From "My Scarlet Ibis" (unfinished): "Sweet whispers of wind whistled past the windowpanes as I stared through the frosted glass."

X-Men: Evolution

From "Volume Two" (Kurt/Scott): "I think it’s safe to say..."

From "Metaphorical Menstruation" (Lance/Pietro): "When I first started cutting myself, it was on my inner thighs."

From "Prayers Of The Rollerboys" (Lance/Pietro): "Ffffuuuuuuccck..." Lance Alvers stretched the word to its maximum potential as an obscenity, silently relishing the sound of the drawn out ‘u’ and the positive click of the final ‘k’."
-Ahhhh... another favorite. It's the word 'fuck' that I really like.

From "The Flea" (Lance/Pietro): "The classroom was silent, save for the gentle sounds of rustling papers."

From "Runaways" (Scott/Kurt... unfinished): "The night was a black velvet mask, stained with rain like teardrops, skeleton tree branches reaching into the darkness and clutching nothingness in their claws."

From "Moondance" (Lance/Pietro): "Some nights are worse than others, I guess."

From "Happy in Hell" (Lance/Pietro): " I always had this phobia about being left alone."

From "Saint Valentine Was A Martyr" (Lance/Pietro... unfinished): "Lance twisted his hands together, absently rubbing his skin and clenching his fingers into a fist, scraping his nails across his palms and cracking his knuckles."

From "Here There Be Tygers" (Lance/Pietro, unfinished): "The room was quiet, deathly quiet, and the air was musty."

From "?" (No title, unfinished, Pietro-rape fic): 'A lot of scary stories start out "it was a dark and stormy night".'

Harry Potter

From "You Will Never Get Up" (Remus/James): "He’d never entertained the possibility before."

From "Even Bad Wolves Can Be Good" (Remus/Harry): "The moon."
-Another good one. Why haven't I learned that sentences need a verb to be sentences?

From "Thriller" (Remus/Harry): "Another month and another moon’s come to pass."
-Ok... Better...

From "Werewolves Of London" (Ok... kinda gen, but kinda Remus/Harry): "My life is a non-sequitur."
-Mmm... I like this one too.

From "God From The Machine" (Remus/Harry): "When people describe themselves as being ‘chilled to the bone’ I wonder if they really understand the cold."

From "Something's Gonna Give" (James/Remus... unfinished): "Silence, like nothingness, hung in the air."

From "Of The End" (Remus/Harry... unfinished): "This is the beginning."
-And another good one, in my opinion. I like to make sure readers know exactly where they stand as soon as they start reading.

From "Story Begins With An Explosion" (Harry/Wolf-Remus... unfinished): "Orgasm is a beast that wells up inside your belly and crawls, hand over hand, up your spine."
-Nothing like starting out with a bang...


From "My Sexual Life" (Trigun, Vash/Wolfwood): "The bar was noisy, full of the sounds of drunkenness and giggles."

From "O Brother, Wherefore Art Thou?" (Trigun, Vash/Knives, unfinished): "The room was dark, pools of the blackest midnight pouring like a heavy liquid sludge over the tiled floor."

From "My Prize" (Assassins, Leon Czolgosz, John Hinkley): "Leon Czolgosz looked down at the gun in his hand and turned it over and over between his fingers, holding it with gentle reverence."

From "Run For Your Life" (LotR, Aragorn/Legolas)- '"The woods seem so much more treacherous after the sun has gone down."'

From "Dark Desires" (FFVIII, Squall/Laguna... unfinished): "Squall Leonhart had decided that he liked fantasy much better than reality."

From "The Lovers' Quarrel" (LoTR, Aragorn/Legolas... unfinished): "Impetuous youth."
-Boring middle-aged man.

From "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" (Murder By Numbers, Richard/Justin... unfinished): '"Just... be patient, ok?"'

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