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We have food at our house! I'm so excited! Yay!

I'm the hero and not without good reason.

I have the best coat ever and I'm loveable

as hell to boot. Love! And! Peace!

Take the Trigun personality quizlet

*Stops. Looks at result. Looks around.* Yeah, ok... it's pretty true. Love and peace and kinky gay sex with priests and brothers! Whee! ^___^;;

So, what was that I said about having no email? I'm an idiot. I had 13 messages. 13! I average about two a day... and I had thirteen. Granted, much was completely irrelevant. But still... Someone sent me some Tabby/Amara fan art that makes me really, really, really wanna draw the gals. Ooh baby.

Pops rehearsal tonight. I may have to shoot myself. And then the Pops concert is tomorrow night. Someone is definitely going to die (and I am of the sneaking suspicion it may be Linday Wargo). Nya...


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