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On self-mutilation...

I'm really sick of hearing people say that they don't mutilate to get attention. Why? Because it's bullshit. Unless you are a tried and true masochist, some part of the pitying, female, white-trash scum that you and I are wants to be noticed (how was that for an awful sentence?).

Generalization, generalization. Why do we generalize? Because, in general, it's true. I injure myself to get attention; why are so many people too 'proud' to admit this? Even when I hid my cuts, I still took pleasure in realizing that I was 'special', that I was 'different'. It's still a kind of attention. I wanted to get attention from myself. Even within my little coccoon, I wanted a reason to feel secure and unique.

Now I get negative attention from my parents, my peers, my teachers. And I enjoy it, dammit! It makes me stand up, take notice, and say "look! Someone is paying attention to me! Might as well live another week!"

So... no. Don't you dare try to bullshit me. All of life is about attention-getting and I'm sick of people denying it. It is! It is! Life is about validating our ego. Why not just admit it?

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