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Exactly what it says... survey!

I am: DrWorm... known in some circles as "Stephanie".
i hurt: myself.
i hate: arguments.
i cry: when frustrated.
i fear: trains.
i hope: that I can make a living, someday.
i feel alone: when I am alone.
i waste: paint (I never meanto... it just happens).
i talk: far too much.
i listen: when I'm not talking.
i break: things that are breakable.
i see: with glasses.
i smell: my feet (well, they're right there)
i taste: Diet Lemon Pepsi (yummy!)
i work: as the tech crew "lifter" (I think I got upgraded from 'bitch')
i remember: "... 1977. I started goin' to concerts and I saw the Led Zepplin. I got a guitar on Christmas Day; I dreamed that Jimmy Page would come to Santa Monica and teach me to play!"

i hold: a 6H pencil, usually.
i hide: my legs.
i pray: with an ironic smile on my face and my eyes open.
i walk: to singing lessons.
i drive: fast... but not too fast.
i burn: my carpet (accident... sort of).

i breathe: air.
i play: with cat toys.
i miss: security.

i learn: and then forget.
i feel: soft.
i know: the phrase "most unique" is not grammactically correct.
i dream: and then forget.
i have: an "antic disposition".
i want: my diploma.
i fall: and wake up gasping.
i await: happiness.
i live: yes.
i die: someday.

my hair: is red.
my makeup: is never.
my dream: is art.
my obsession: is fiction.
my most attractive feature(s): my innate cuteness.
my favorite thing to do: create.

i'm wearing: jeans and a t-shirt.
i'm eating: nothing.
i'm drinking: what I'm tasting.
i'm listening to: "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.
i'm feeling: mild.
i'm thinking: about the placement of my fingers on the keyboard as I type.
i see: my thoughts on the screen.
i find: that I accidently spelled "Michael" wrong (yes, I fixed it).

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