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Can I go to this school?

Man, I wish I had the opportunity to do some of these activities in my English class.

*adds one of her own* "Write romantic story about Harry and a certain werewolf/professor."

See, that I could get an 'A' on.

Found a page for Daniel Radcliffe (the actor playing Harry Potter in the movies). Squeee! ^___^ So... friggin'... cute! And they had a little bio-type thing on him...

Things that amused me...

Favorite TV-show: The Simpsons (Mine too...)
Favorite books: Terry Pratchett's books: "The Colour of Magic", "The Light Fantastic" etc, (... Mine too...)
Favorite animal: Wolf (please never change... ^^)
Sweet things: Diet Coke (Mine too!)
Favorite sport: gymnastics ("I can run up a wall,and do a somersault onto my feet. All without wires!")

Flexible li'l boy, eh? Should probably not continue in this vein... ^^;;;;

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