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Slowly wearing away at my consciousness...

I wonder whether I spelled that right. Anyway, what you've all been waiting for: an entry all about my cat.

We have three cats. One is named Greebo. He is a little more than a year old. Amy found him poking around in her backyard and bothering her dogs last summer. So I took him.

He's a great cat. Disgustingly cute. But he's tiny. I could hold him in the palm of one hand when we got him. He's grown some, but not much... I can still carry him around like a rag doll, and he'll still jump up and ride on our shoulders.

See... our other two cats are big. Izit is plump and Sputnik is a big, long mass of fur. It's a real job to carry either one around. But Greebo is like an afterthought. It's really cute... he's still a kitten to me. But...

Is he normal? *ponders... answers own question* Probably.

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