July 16th, 2001

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Whoa...ohh...it's a new day...

Urgh... *falls down* I'm still tired, as I always seem to be. Went to school today (summer school, US History...no, I didn't fail the damn course; I just don't want to take it during regular school). Only *counts on fingertips* three more days until it is completely over and I have a full extra credit to my name ^___^ I love summer school, in that respect. However, I don't like having to sit still for four hours at a time. Glurg... it gets awfully boring. Plus, I was taking history during the summer so I could take more art classes during the year...but my schedule was such that I got locked out of my art classes >.< Damn, damn, damn.
I just finished my very first picture of Vash (from Trigun).Well, it's not really finished. I think I wanted to draw in the gun and some bitch chains ^_____^ I like bishounen (pretty boy) abuse. It is, in a sick-ey, fun, twisted way, a thrill to see them kneeling and begging for mercy. Bwahahahahahaha!
I swear I'm not a sadist.
Anyway, if I finish it and color it and everything, I'd like to add the caption "you make me feel like a whore". Once again, Everclear. *squeezes Art Alexakis* Thank you for writing such angry lyrics that make great companions to sick and twisted and depressing fics and pics like mine!
Speaking of fics to Everclear songs, I just finished a Harry Potter fic to the song 'Strawberry'. I think I'm way too proud of it. But I'll put the link in just in case anyone is interested. Anyone?
And...warning...the story contains slash...or male/male sexual relations. Gay sex between James Potter and Remus Lupin. I'm sorry if this sort of thing offends you, but if it does...perhaps you shouldn't click on the link, eh?

You Will Never Get Up</font></p>

Right...that should take you to fanfiction.net...where you can also see a few of my other stories by clicking on my username.
I hope somebody takes the chance, eh? And review me, please...if it fact you do. 9.9
Let's see...I'm also reading the book 'Watership Down'...it's for school >.< Not summer school, but real school. Hell. It's an almost 500 page book about talking rabbits. I don't hate it, exactly. It's somewhat interesting. But...I dunno...not quite my cup of tea. I keep waiting for each chapter to be over, and that is not the sign of a good book.
I also have to read 'Brave New World', 'Frankenstein', 'Wuthering Heights', and 'The Fellowship of the Ring'. Ok, actually I only need to read three of them. I think I'll just read all but 'Wuthering Heights'. I hate romances >.< Bo-oring. *'Wuthering Heights' fans throw things at me*
It's a little like 'The Great Gatsby'. It's supposed to be such a classic, but...I wasn't too impressed. It wasn't all that bad...just not great *'Gastby' fans throw things at me*. I was actually pretty pleased, however, to find homoerotic undertones in Fitzgerald's writing. Don't know what I'm talking about? Read the book and then read the Cliff notes. I found it without the Cliff notes, however. *is proud* A silly achievement, perhaps, but still fun. My English teacher didn't really believe me, but the Cliff notes kinda confirmed it. *is proud again*
My English tacher last year was an idiot. But more on that later.
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