July 23rd, 2001

diner friends

Crisis averted!

So...it turns out the Ryan thing got made into a bigger deal than it should have been. He was really and truly sick last night ::commences feeling very, very guilty:: But, it just reenforces the backstage politics that I find so stupid and childish. Of course, my information about Ryan was second-hand, coming from one of the producers, who was not at all happy about the whole deal. So, I really don't think it's my fault...right? Oh, I feel so horribly, horribly guilty. I'm just so gullible. It's really so stupid >.< I hate being so gullible. It makes everything difficult.
We didn't go see Twelfth Night. I was, like I said, too pissed off. I regret it a little bit...but not much. Around the time it was scheduled to start it began to rain really hard. And Twelfth Night was being performed outside. Very, very sucky. But I hear it went well. So...good.
I must remember to call Ani tomorrow at one-o'clock. Note to self...
I'm still waiting to hear from Zero-chan! Whaaaa! >.< I've emailed her three random things...so far I'll probably keep it steady at an email a day until she comes out from wherever she's hiding.
I miss you Zero!!! I'm stalking you! Mwaaargghghg! ^_^;;
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