July 25th, 2001

diner friends

In place of a real entry...damn LiveJournal sometimes!

if I was a stone, i would be an.. emerald
if I was a tree, i would be a.. birch
if I was a bird, i would be a.. raven
if I was an insect, i would be a.. black widow spider
if I was a machine, i would be a.. toaster
if I was a tool, i would be a.. screwdriver
if I was a fruit, i would be a.. cherry
if I was a flower, i would be a.. lily
if I was a kind of weather, i would be a.. heavy, heavy snowstorm
if I was a mythical creature, i would be a.. banshee
if I was a musical instrument, i would be a.. harpsicord
if I was a kind of profession, i would be a.. cartoonist
if I was an animal, i would be a.. bengal tiger
if I was anything in the world, i would be.. accepted
if I was a color, i would be.. red
if I was a fragrance, i would be.. vanilla
if I was an emotion, i would be.. anxiety
if I was a vegetable, i would be a.. tomato (I know...it's really a fruit)
if I was a sound, i would be a.. horn blowing
if I was an element, i would be.. earth
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    'My Sexual Life'-Everclear...for the past several hours.