August 12th, 2001

diner friends

Very hairy, scary Larry...

Hi...and now for an actual journal entry >.< I haven't been in the mood recently to write one. I still don't think I am, but I'm doing it anyway.
The play opened on Friday and has, so far, been going well. Ryan tried to steal my glasses. Poor boy. He lost his and thought maybe I was wearing them. ^^;; No, sweetie. They're my glasses. I use them to see. And on Saturday, I got flowers from my friend Alicia...and got to hug and kiss Ryan again. ^_______^ I'm sorry, it's just way too fun.
I got my schedule for school in the mail this week. Amy and I have English, lunch, and Acting and Directing together! Yeaaaa! We didn't have any classes together last year, so we're very happy. We have a new 8 period schedule, though. and it's going to throw me off majorly. I think we are starting school earlier and ending earlier too. Jesus, I never know.
Um...I've been seeing a lot of movies lately. I saw 'The Others' with my dad. It wasn't bad, but it was very 'Sixth Sense'-ish, and I guessed the ending. Not quite so fun as being surprised. And I ended up buying the movie 'Threesome' so I could watch Josh Charles, who plays a very cute gay man. *squeezes* Aww...sweetie! And this evening Amy, Lauren, and I went out and saw 'Cats and Dogs', which was also a cute movie. Even if the dogs did win.
And...that's about it. I've also been feeling sick ("I am sick and tired of being sick and tired") the past couple of days. So sue me. Am also attempting an update of my website. It could use a whole layout overhaul, but I'm not ready for it yet.
That is all.
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