September 4th, 2001


We are at journal entry number 30!

Wooo! So, do I get a plaque? Or what?

Is that even how you spell 'plaque'? It looks funny.

Sooo-ooo...anywho. I spent my entire weekend trying to color a picture and I ended up having to trash it. Oh god *buries face in hands* I suck ass, dudes. I mean...damn. It's a decent drawing. It just blows on the computer. Why is that? What is this stigma against me? Do all computers have to hate my guts?

Apparently so. Amy's at a drama meeting I'm not allowed to go to. Ah...officership. So, I'm just freaking out here in the Colonel room.

*breaks into song*

"All by MYseee-eee-eelf...don't wanna be...all by MYseee-eee-eelf...anymooo-oo-oore!"

Oh wait...I'm not by myself. Lindsay's here, but I don't know Lindsay, what does it matter?

I'm trying to color another picture, though. I'm trying something different: get rid of all the white so I can keep just the outline. Nice idea, eh? Unfortunately on Photoshop LE it takes fucking forever because I seem to have to do it by hand. *sigh* Oh well.

I miss Zero. Shit's not right. I'm all scared again. I hate being scared.

I'll probably get to do educational option for art! Yay! Finally some good news!
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I had forgotten how wonderfully cheesy and implausible 'Tales From The Crypt' really was.

Ah, the things you can rediscover on cable.

Tim Curry is awesome. ^____^
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I just watched 'Trigun'...

And it is fucking awesome!

And I've been having some problems with my journal...but never mind that.

I never thought Vash could be any sexier...but damn, damn, damn he outdoes himself. The way he moves. The way he talks. The way... *collapses in a puddle of drool*

And there were so many lovely yaoi-esque hints!

Yummy, yummy.
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