September 10th, 2001


"Sittin' on the dock of the bay..."

I'm actually just sitting in the Colonel room thinking "Gee, I should probably do classwork now."

I wonder how many words I can type per minute. Probably not very many.

Anyway, everything's just been going to hell in a handbag. My grandfather's in the hospital because he got up in the middle of the night and took the wrong medicine. He had to go to the ER and everything >.< Luckily, there's a hospital five minutes away. I don't know whether it's the one they use, though. It looks like he's going to be all right, but it's just another reminder that he's getting really old and pretty soon the inevitable is going to happen.

Just what I need right now >_______< Death. That'll just punctuate everything.

I'm supposed to try out for the fall musical with Amy tomorrow. Neither of us know the music. No one knows the music. The tapes they had for us to practice with are totally different than the actual music. And I never even got the tape. And Amy can't sing, so I think she's slightly more agitated than I am.

AHHHH! >.< And I lost the Trigun hard yaoi doujinshi I wanted!!! Motherfucker! >______< I placed my final bid three hours before the auction ended and I still lost it! I won a gag yaoi doujinshi *is not pacified* The only thing that'll make me feel any better now is if I win the explicit Laguna x Squall doujinshi. And it had better be good, because it's becoming expensive.
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Grandfather's back home and he seems to be doing all right. Which is a really good thing. I'm not sure of the details of what went wrong, but it involved excessive bleeding. It's so scary.

I liked the name of this site:

Vash Needs A Hug

Vash does need a hug. If I could glomp him, I would be happy to.

I'm depressed.
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Poem line idea...

"I'm just a little, punk kid without the punk"

I am, y'know.

Goddamn...I love that goat. Frank rocks my world baby. LiveJournal needs to make a shirt with Frank on it. Then I'd consider buying one.

I won the Laguna x Squall dj! Yeaaaaaaa! ^____^ 90 some pages o' hentai. And it had better be good. >.> Cheer me up Squall.

Squall: No.

Me: Fuck you too. *pause* "Give me my money back! Give me my money back, you bitch!"

Squall: O.o;;
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