September 11th, 2001


Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god...

The World Trade Centers are down. The Pentagon has been hit. Downtown Cleveland is being evacuated (near where I live). This is becoming very frightening. This is a big enough deal that every class is watching it on the news.

This is one of the most major things I have ever had the pleasure of being in school for while shit was going on. I watched Columbine on tv. I watched the verdict of the OJ Simpson trial on tv. I watched the Oklahoma City Bombing on tv. All major events. And this beats 'em all.

It's so hard to watch a major landmark like the World Trade Center fall.

A plane has crashed in Pennsylvania. This is getting creepy. People jumping out of buildings? Oh jesus, oh god. I was in choir. I was *singing* while this happened. I feel so cut off from the world.

What a hit. Anya was bitching about how this was all our fault because we're so stupid, but I honestly think that that is the most naive thinking possible. A terrorist attack like this involves two parties, the US being one of them. It's unfair to blame another country for a conflict, because it takes two or more to have a conflict.

What's really frightening, is that this could be the provocation that begins Wourld War III.

It makes everything I do seem trivial and insignificant.
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Why is this so frightening?

I don't understand quite why I'm so scared right now. It feels like everything's changing so quickly. I'm a little afraid for my mother, and for the first time in months I want to hear from her.

I can't understand how other people can talk about normal things or act like this attack was a good thing. I heard people cheering, yelling, and hoping they'd close schools. More than anything I just want to get ahold of everyone I know from the Internet and all my relatives. Just to talk to them and make sure they're all ok.

This is so disorienting. They canceled all after-school activities, so I don't have to try out for the play. I can't believe it. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that happen, save for snowdays and days when the school's power was out.

If I was a praying person, I'd be praying for the people in New York. Instead, I just hope everyone has found a safe place for the time being.
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My alphabet poem...

Thought I might as well post this:

Anonymous aristocrats anesthetize apocalypse
Anthrax affects anoxic arsenals
Bureaucratic bigots backtrack blow-by-blow
Battlefield battalions bury beau geste
Callous canaille captivate centrality
Klepto chameleons claim their calamity
Dead, dying, dilapidated derring-do
Dig disenchanted delirious delinquents
Erections elevated, elongated, emulated
Effeminate ejaculate engaged, equivocated
Featureless fauna fellate for favors
Feckless federalists ferret fixations
Gauche, gaudy gegenschein glows
Geishas give geometric genocide
Hackneyed and hallowed hallmarks heighten
Higgledy-piggledy hideyholes hock homophobes
Indigenous ichneumon inter identity
Infants inosculate impassive iguanas
Judge and Jimmy jury-rig and justify
Jolt your jurisdiction; juxtapose juvenility
Keen keratotomy keep Kerouac
Kerosene kinetics kvetch kittenish
Lachrymose lacerations lactate leeches
Lawyers in leatherette lease lexicons
Meditating masochists masturbate methodically
Meeting in the melee to meliorate megalomania
Notorious nymphos negotiate normalcy
Nursing Nefertiti’s newcomer necrophilia
Oppressive opposition obliterates obloquy
Obturated, obligatory, obfuscated octillion
Palatable pain and pressure push pederasty
Pagan Pandora’s pitiful paean
Qualified quaestors quiet qualitative
Quaint queries quaver, quixotic
Regional radar reams radiation
Rabid rapid recollection redistributes redirection
Soft sodomy skewers sociology
Steep solitude soils somnolence
Trigger-happy Tuesday times tepid tension
Tenuous transmittance tears territory
Unhappy, unilateral, underrepresented unions
Underage, unique, unzipped, unworthy
Veritable vermin venerate vermiform
Vesticated vespers verify vicarious vice
Wakeful watchers waiver warmongers
Wizened whirligis whittel whetstones
Xenophilic Xerxes in Zen xiphoid
Xerophilous xanthoma zoomorphs xeroderma
Yeasayers use useful yuppies
The yakuza yanks a yearning yawp
Zealous Zionist zombies zap zootomy
Zig zag zodiac Zachariah sings
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The news from CNN

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Terrorists struck the United States Tuesday morning in harrowing, widespread attacks that included at least three commercial jet crashes into significant buildings.

• In the first attack, a plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center in Manhattan shortly before 9 a.m., followed by another plane into the second tower about 20 minutes later. Both towers later collapsed.

• About an hour later, a plane crashed into the Pentagon, part of which later collapsed.

• American Airlines told CNN that it lost two planes in "tragic accidents:" Flight 11 from Boston with 81 passengers and 11 crew aboard and Flight 77 from Washington Dulles airport with 58 passengers and six crew aboard. Both planes were en route to Los Angeles

• United Airlines Flight 93 airliner headed from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco, crashed near Somerset, Pennsylvania -- police said initial reports indicated no survivors. United also confirmed the crash of Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles.

• The Pentagon, the White House, the State Department, the Justice Department, the Capitol, the CIA and all other government buildings in Washington evacuated.

• President Bush calls the crashes "apparent terrorist attacks" and "a national tragedy."

• In the first-ever national ground stop of aircraft, all flights nationwide have been stopped at their departure airports.

• All international flights were diverted to Canada.

• Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, the Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, said in reaction to the news of the terror attacks that "we want to tell the American children that Afghanistan feels your pain and we hope that the courts find justice."

• In New York, more than 10,000 rescue personnel rushed to the scene. The entire downtown area of Manhattan was evacuated as far north as Rockefeller Center, according to an official at an emergency command post.

• Israel has evacuated all its missions around the world.

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta was evacuated. CDC was preparing bioterrorism teams in case they become necessary.

• Philadelphia landmarks were also evacuated.

• In Chicago, the Sears Tower was evacuated; United Nations in New York evacuated.

• The New York Port Authority said it had closed all bridges and tunnels into the city.

• U.S. stock markets were closed after the New York attacks.

• NATO sent home all non-essential personnel from its Brussels, Belgium, headquarters.

• The Immigration and Naturalization Service has put the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada on highest state of alert.

• Los Angeles International Airport has been evacuated.

• All Disney parks in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California have been closed.
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World reactions from CNN

World shock over U.S. attacks
September 11, 2001 Posted: 11:10 AM EDT (1510 GMT)

LONDON, England -- World leaders have reacted with revulsion to the aircraft attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and on the Pentagon in Washington. A sombre and visibly shaken British Prime Minister Tony Blair said the world's democracies must "fight this evil" perpetrated by suspected terrorists in the U.S..

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed deep sympathy to the people of the U.S. "in connection with this terrorist act, this terrible tragedy," the Kremlin quoted spokesman Alexei Gromov as saying.

Gromov said Putin had been informed immediately of the attacks.

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat condemned the attack, saying he "sent his condolences and those of the Palestinian people to Bush and the American people."

French President Jacques Chirac, in a live televised address, condemned the attacks as "monstrous" and expressed his solidarity with the American people.

"France has just learned of these monstrous attacks -- there is no other word for it -- that have hit America," Chirac said from Rennes, in the western region of Brittany.

Prime Minister Lionel Jospin talked of his "sadness and horror."

Israeli Defence Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer told Israel's Army Radio it was "simply a tragedy."

"All I can say is I sympathise with the American people. We don't have any more details than what has been reported on CNN. It's simply a terrible thing."

A spokesman for the German foreign ministry said: "The foreign minister is dismayed and shocked by the reports from New York."

The interior ministry said it had set up a cross-ministerial crisis committee but it was not immediately clear what steps would be taken to boost internal security.

The country's financial market, the DAX index of 30 blue chip shares, plunged more than nine percent to its lowest level since mid-Oct 1998.

The British prime minister cancelled the speech he was due to give at a meeting of the Transport and General Workers' Union in Brighton, southern England.

The congress' president Bill Morris broke the news of the plane crashes to stunned delegates in the hall.

Blair described the plane attacks as the "most terrible and shocking events taking place in the United States of America."

He added: "I am afraid we can only imagine the terror and the carnage. Many, many innocent people will have lost their lives.

"I know you will join with me in sending our deepest condolences to President Bush and the people of the U.S."

He went on to describe mass terrorism as "the new evil in our world today."

Blair said these sort of attacks were "perpetrated by fanatics, utterly indifferent to the sanctity of human life."

He added that the world's democracies must come together to "fight this evil and eradicate it from the world."

Blair will chair a meeting of the Cabinet's emergency "Cobra" committee in No 10 this afternoon.

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, Home Secretary David Blunkett and Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon have been summoned to attend.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said Britain would provide "whatever help we can" to the United States to catch the perpetrators of a series of apparent terrorist attacks.

Queen Elizabeth II's office said she would be sending a message of condolence to Bush and the American people. A UK aviation expert said terrorists were "always one step ahead" of those trying to protect society.

U.S. air chiefs would now have to completely rethink their security systems in the aftermath of the World Trade Centre tragedy, added Phil Butterworth-Hayes, the civil aviation editor with the Janes information group.

"When you get people determined to commit acts of terrorism, it is almost impossible to stop them," he told the UK's Press Association News.

He went on: "The whole civil aviation system works on trust. In America, security systems are the responsibility of the Federal Aviation Administration.

"The first thing the FAA are going to have to do is completely rethink some of the security systems they have in place at the moment."

Butterworth-Hayes added: "Aviation security tends to be retrospective. New measures are only put in place after something has happened.

"Aviation thought that it had sorted out the bombs-in-holds problem after Lockerbie but now there is a fresh problem to resolve. But it could be some time before new measures take effect."

He continued: "Terrorists are always one step ahead of the institutions that really need protection. Once you defeat one aspect of terrorism, you have to battle against something else."
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