September 23rd, 2001

squallxlaguna tests...

Personality (although I have a tendency to get a different one every time I take it...I like this one best):

(Submissive Introvert Abstract Thinker )

Like just 9% of the population you are a MASTERMIND (SIAT). You can be silent and withdrawn, but behind your reserved exterior lies an active mind that allows you to analyze situations and come up with creative, unexpected solutions. Normal people call this "scheming." Don't learn German.

Anyway, your sense of style and originality are your strengths, and people will respect your judgment once they get to know you. If you learn to be a little more personable, you could be a great leader--you've definitely got the "vision" thing down. Just make sure all the plotting you do behind those eyes of yours is healthy.

Famous masterminds in television: Dr. Claw, The Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Montgomery Burns.

The gay test:

As a straight female- You are 48% GAY!

As a gay female- You are 61% GAY!
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Went and saw a movie with Amy...

She got her hair bleached and's all... preppy. And blonde. And supermodel-ish. Just when I was getting used to the old damn hair, she has to go and change it again... *sighs*

Anyway, we went and saw "The Closet" at the cheap theatre. It was very funny. I just think the best part was when the opeing credits began to roll...they were in French! Amy and I had no idea the movie was in French (with English subtitles). She bitched about it for awhile (she takes French and she *hates* it) until the plot started to pick up and it got really, super funny.

Oh wow...I'm not even going to elaborate on the plot. Suffice to say, it's about a straight man pretending to be gay so he can keep his job. But it's so, so funny! And this guy's son is majorly pretty. I was getting some pretty insistant slash bunnies during the film...

Bunny: C' would be so easy to write about this guy! After he discovers his father is 'gay' he goes out and experiments on his own! How much better can it get?

Me: I dunno...I don't have the time...I still have 'Dead Poets' Society' bunnies lingering around waiting for a story.

Bunny: *taps foot impatiently*

Me: Stop that.

Bunny: *taps faster*

Me: Quit it, dammit!

Bunny: *thumps the floor with real power*

Me: All RIGHT, all RIGHT! I'll think about it!

Bunny: *satisfied*

Bah...damn. >.
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