September 24th, 2001


Oh no, not again!

Mother fucker! >.< Ahhhhh!

They deleted my site. Again. I have to upload the whole damned thing. Aaaa-gain. What the fuck is this,

I want my own fucking space. I don't want to deal with these damn servers who delete me over and over.

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diner friends


What, you had plans to work during your lunch period? Maybe write another few paragraphs of that Squall and Laguna lemon you've been working on for a couple weeks? Was that what you were thinking about doing, you awful, naive child?

Hah! Submit to the Almighty Power of the Frustrating Software and Unexpected Headache that will now plague you for the remainder of your day! Suffer the consequences of your foolish dreams!


Itchy, itchy, itchy!!!

I have no right whatsoever to complain...

But my arm itches like MAD!!!

Gahh... *scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch* Dammit...
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