September 28th, 2001


I'm just pissed...

Because the mail's not back up to speed yet. Especially international mail >.< *waits* I should have that Laguna and Squall doujinshi /right now/. And I don't.

Grrrrr! *mumbles* Stupid fucking international terrorists fucking up the mail... fucking...fucking...grrrr...

Squall: Sometimes you are a very shallow person.

Me: Damn stright!

Laguna: I heard something about them confiscating any mail containing items that are a threat to national security... something about pornography...

Me: O.O Nuh-uh! That's not true!

Laguna: *shrugs* Maybe it's not. But wouldn't it be funny if they thought Squall and me having sex was a threat to national security?

Squall: Oooh...we'd have to get seperate bedrooms.

Laguna: Don't worry. *snuggles Squall* I'll sneak over to your room Wednesday and Sunday nights.

Me: -_-;; What do I need a doujinshi for when I have them right here?

Squall and Laguna: *kissykissy*

Me: Thanks for reminding me that I don't have a boy/girl friend!

Squall and Laguna: *oblivious*

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diner friends


All of my personal icon thingies are males. Thank god I'm not a feminist, or this might disturb me.

Eh... if I was so inclined, I might use this:

to represent myself. But I'm not, because I'm so... weird looking. -_____- Yeah, that's me from my International Thespian Society induction. The theme was 'Viva Las Vegas', in case you were wondering.

Quick! Get the picture before doesn't let you! Hurry! The evil free servers are out to get me!
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diner friends

Little orange kitty named 'Sparkles'

We came home from going out to get ice cream...

Vash: Ice cream! *snatches my cone*

And a little orange kitten came running up to me. I picked it up and immediately it began doing a Greebo- purring and pushing its face (and cold, wet nose) into mine. It had a collar on, so we assumed it belonged to somebody and wasn't lost. Kittens that friendly don't get lost. Must have been out for an evening constitutional (hey.. is that how you'd spell it? Like it's your 'constitutional right' to take a walk?).

The name on the collar was 'Sparkles'. I said it was a dumb name. My dad? "This coming from a girl who named her cats Izit, Sputnik, and Greebo!"

Me: But at least those are creative names!

Dad: True, true...
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Squall skin on Everclear's 'Invisible' !!!

I just wanted to point out that fact because I'm a big dork.

I love this song...


I will live I will live for a year or two
Maybe just for a year
I will die I will die I can rest secure in that
I am goddamn sure that this thing ain't no accident
And I just can't believe that AIDS is just some act of God
I will reach for you I will reach my hand
No one will reach for me no one will touch my skin
Yes I will accept I will accept my pain
I don't deserve to die like this no one deserves to die like this
Sometimes I get so mad I just want to break the world
I will not be denied I will not be ignored
I am not invisible anymore
I will not be denied I will not be ignored I am real
I won't go away I am not invisible anymore
Sometimes I get so mad I just want to break the world
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