October 1st, 2001


You know your life is pathetic...

When your only joy for the day is a ginger snap cookie...

Laguna: *stares down at cookie in his hand* Are you sure?

Me: Yes.

Laguna: ...oh... *sadly puts the cookie away*
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I need something to bash my brains with...

Ever have one of those headaches that feels like life would be so much better if you just smashed your skull against a brick wall or just grabbed a shotgun and blew your head to kingdom come?

Yeah, that's what I'm going through right now. I just spent the last half of the day wishing for death and being weird. My poetry teacher thinks it has something to do with the full moon coming up tomorrow night, because I was restless and jumpy all through 7th period. I stood in front of the blackboard and drew two different caricatures of myself with little thought bubbles. One said "Completely BLANK" and the other said "Absolutely no thought processes". Sarah K. got a real kick out of that. And then she did a little drawing of herself... and the teacher started asking her whether she wanted to major in art. >.< Man, I'm the one who started the drawing on the board concept anyway... *grumbles* Hellooo-ooo? Pay attention to mmmmeeeeee...

I'm a bit selfish and jealous. But honestly... the only time people ever pay attention to me is when I'm being weird. Being myself seems to get me nowhere. Or maybe the weird me is the real me. Identity crisis. *sighs* I have no friends... I have Amy. -___- Bottom line is that I'm just not a people person.

Perhaps 'Luna Sprite' isn't such a bad term for me. Thanks Dale...

And I think I'm beginning to like Dave, which is something I don't want to do. I mean, he's a grade A asshole... but then so am I. I think it's the fact that we both seem to revel in misery. And now we're suddenly sharing little tidbits of our lives back and forth on the poetry comment sheets. I wrote something about cutting myself in response to a poem he wrote about life being like a flesh wound and he wrote a little something about how he doesn't like to look at old photographs because they make him think of when he was happy on mine.

Ok, so that was a really awkward sentence.

Well, I don't love him or even lust after him (thank god). I just don't hate him as much as I used to.

On a brighter, more inane note... the Laguna x Squall doujin finally came!

Guh.... ^_______^ Even if Squall is the super-uke and Laguna is the super-seme it's still nice. *huggles the two* Awwww.... so damn CUUU-UUUTE!

Laguna: Eh-heh... *nervous smile*

Squall: Get OFF me, damn you!
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Could somebody, somewhere give me something constructive to do?


#1. Why does it feel so weird right after you cut your fingernails? I mean... were they honestly that important that your fingers miss them once they're gone?

#2. My hands shake.

#3. I have hair like Hermione, except curlier and red.

#4. I have a blister from a burn on my thumb. Do you think it's just dead skin or are there little aliens inside waiting to pop out?

#5. I am ranked number 16 in my class so far. But they haven't added in things like number of credits or weighted classes yet. Do you think my rank will go up or down once they do that?

#6. How many people have rank #1 anyway? Because if fifteen people have it, then I'm doing pretty good.

#7. Who besides Tim, Adam, and Sanjeeb are trying for valedictorian? Who is my competition for the ton ten? Will I get to be number six? I just wanna be number six...

#8. Who the fuck cares anyway?

#9. Where did yyhmail.com disappear to and where did it take all of my old mail?

#10. Who shot JFK?

#11. Everclear this week.

#12. Why don't more people like them? Everclear's such an awesome band...

#13. Please, for the love of everything holy, someone give me something to do...
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