October 5th, 2001


Gahhhhhh! No!

I thought that there was a Latin Club meeting today.

Apparently I was wrong, since the Latin room isn't even open and I haven't seen Susel since sixth period.

Damn. Was I the only one who thought it was today? This sucks. Maybe it's next Thursday, huh? He's supposed to teach me how to upload stuff onto the school's server so that I can edit and update the Latin Club website. But no. No, I guess not.

'S ok. I don't do much for Latin club anyway.

God, I just took my glasses off because I usually don't need them when I'm using the computer, but I just looked at the screen and everything seems really bright and is making me dizzy.

*puts glasses back* That's a bit better. Wow, my eyes feel like they're going to roll right out of their sockets. Which is probably not a good thing.

Urg. Library environment is not helping. Florescent lights, too warm, and I'm right across from a mirror. Man, my hair is poofy. It's like a long, fluffy, red weasel went and died on my head. Or something to that general effect. Not to mention the twin fuzzy caterpillars on my forehead trying to pass themselves off as my eyebrows.

Think I'm too self-critical? If you say yes then you are wrong. If anything, I should criticize myself more.

If I had my way I would criticize myself until little holes began to appear in the fabric of my being.

Hot damn. I am on a metaphorical rollercoaster today. *points* There's another one!

Hmm... maybe since I have somewhere close to an hour I'll jump over to the oekaki board and doodle.

It's Mousin' time! *sings* Go, go Power Rangers!
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diner friends

Guess what I did...?

Today I spent my entire lunch period in the art room closet with five cats.

And this is why I love my school sometimes... ^___________^

Off to the first concert!
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