October 15th, 2001


Ok... now I'm pissed...

I have a poster up in my room from the movie "Mouse Hunt" (Don't ask... it was free at the movie theatre, ok? And I like Nathan Lane). The caption on the poster is "Who's hunting who?"

I just realized it should be "Who's hunting whom?"

Fuck. >.
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I'm so, so... tired... zzzzz....

I spent all day at work instead of going to school. ^___^;; Well, work is in school so it doesn't make a big difference. Anyway, helped set up and run gopher-type errands for some tv program they had taping in the auditorium.

It was really boring. Oh lord, I could say so much more... but I'm too tired. It was just boring. And then I walked to my dad's office. And then I waited for awhile. And then I came home.

Speaking of boring... my life... *whistles*

And earned $45 for my trouble. Thank god for minimum wage, eh? If the school could get away with paying us in peanuts, they'd do it...
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