October 31st, 2001

diner friends

Halloween Americana

Today is Halloween day at school... ^^

I am dressed up as Zoot from "The Tribe". Bad bit about that is, being that it's a New Zealand tv show that the general population doesn't watch, I have to keep explaining who/what I am. Still, everyone seems to think it's a good costume. ^_____^;; Which amuses me because it took so little effort on my part. Some girls in choir didn't know it was me and Rachelle said "Stephanie, you always come up with the strangest costume ideas."

I think I look cute though. My sillouette really looks like Zoot. It's freaky to look at my shadow.

The other good bit is that I saw someone dressed up as Seifer! Hee... It was one of those sort-of dorky guys who are in all the CAD and engineering classes... but still. I wanted to run up and glomp him. Actually, I'd been thinking about dressing up as Squall... it occured to me that it could be great fun to run around hugging random Seifers when you're Squall.

Random Lagunas would be even better though. ^__~ Mreeooow. I have a friend who went to a con; she saw two people dressed up as Trowa and one guy dressed as Heero, so she got them to stand together for pictures. She tried to get them to kiss, but that freaked 'em out a bit.

Strange friends... ^____^ Love you, Zero-honey!
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diner friends


Monkey in a spacesuit! Monkey in a spacesuit on the WB! >.
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X-Men stuff...

I would like Rogue so much more if she didn't have the Southern accent. >.< Urg. That's the one accent I can't stand.

Ok, ok, ok... ^___^ When Jean starts saying something about Scott being cute (after Kitty does), Kurt gets that funny look look on his face and then BAMFs right out of the plane and onto the roof...

Ok... there are three possibilities for this:
a)Kurt heard Kitty say Scott was cool and cute and he wanted to impress her (possibly most widely accepted... but if that was true, why did he wait for Jean to say Scott was cute?)
b) Kurt was becoming jealous of Scott's popularity with the chicks and wanted to impress them both.
c) OR Kurt knew that Jean would have a better chance with Scott then he would... so he was trying to turn on the imress-o-meter for SCOTT!

Ah... arguing for a slash couple. ^__^ It's so fun.

Since when does Wolverine howl? Mistique had better get her character straight...

And Rogue's southern accent fades in and out.

Ooh... Storm's really pretty, but not horribly bright.

Mistique is an evil bitch. >.
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Nothing ever happens on Mars...

I just got back from Open Mic Night. ^____^ I Emceed tonight! Yay! Anya and I are the heckler Emcees! We are bitchy! A nice, elderly gentleman came up to me afterward and said "You're all so delightful!" I was thinking... "No, we're not..."

Anyway, I did "Jack's Lament" from The Nightmare Before Christmas to start off the entire show (it being the Halloween show and all... it just made sense). And then I alternated with Anya and Ahmed announcing the following acts. Then second half I sang "Why I Don't Believe in God". That's the first serious song I've ever done for Open Mic Night. I've never done something so painfully emotional and close to me before. It scared me a little.

And, on top of all that, I was still dressed like Zoot... -___-;; On the plus side, I'll probably get a picture of myself from either Miss Atkins or Emily M-. So we'll compare and contrast my costume to the real Zoot! Well, it pleases me.

And Black and White (Ahmed and Evan) did a song called "I Eat Cats! (MmmMmmMmm)" Based on our local frat guys.

Fun night, as usual.

And I just wanted to put down my full treatment for an X-Men comic I dreamed up. More like my version of a music video, really. Anything punctuated by a "-" is a song lyric. By Everclear and Art Alexakis, as it usually is. Commentary is quite acceptable, if you are interested.

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