November 12th, 2001


Hahahaha...ok, I'm fucking pissed...

Godammit... it's at times like these that I really LOVE having that Nelson Rockefeller icon. Yeah, baby...

So, yeah... I was/am fucking around with this Evo fic. It's not too bad... all about heroin and drug usage and Pietro's emotional problems, which always gives me something to do.

Go here to read the stupid thing.

So I got this review (my first and only review, thanks so much) which says:

"This fic is well written, nice job. However....I think someone got a little bite in the @ss from the plot-stealing-fairy *smiles sweetly* *points at Coming to Terms* Not cool, dude. Maybe you should work on original plot developing and try again."

And my response to that (6:40 in the morning is not a good time to be insulting me, 'dude').

"Ok... er... authorspeak here. *clears throat* I've never read 'Coming to Terms'. I can't say I'm particularly well-versed in Evo fanfiction. And I'll say it right off the bat: whether I 'copied' (I didn't) or not... drug-use dramas ain't particularly original ideas. Ever. There have been afternoon tv dramas, movies, blahblahblah shit out the wazoo. I never make any pretenses about me being a good writer, or an original writer. I just put my crap on this damn site. So take your little plot-stealing fairy and tell her she can shove it up her '@ss'. I don't care."

Right... Amy is rubbing off on me, because now I am determined not to take shit from anyone. Period.

Anyway, I lied. I actually did read the first two chapters of 'Coming to Terms', but I think the fact that I had to go look it up to remember says something.

Also. the fact that I stopped reading because I got bored must say something too. But I digress.

Final note: I think I did way more research on heroin abuse than the other chick. Nothing against her... but... See, I actually have a good reason for Pietro to be taking it (heroin, like all opiates, depresses the central nervous system. For someone who is always moving 5 to 10 times faster than everyone else, I'd almost call this a godsend). *shrugs* Well, maybe she does too. Or maybe it's just that 'whoa... heroin' sort of amazement people who aren't familiar with drugs always seem to get.

I get the feeling that I'm fucking with something I don't completely understand either... whatever. I'm still pissed...

But now I'm concerned about the factual accuracy of the drug use... damn...

This could probably be considered a real entry.
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It was amusing at the time...

DScull264: I just burned a whole cd full of rare Everclear and Colorfinger songs for Amy. Swear to god she hugged that cd... ^^;;
DScull264: Today, Stephanie was a god... tomorrow? Who knows...
ZerosAshes: lol!
DScull264: If Stephanie messes up the lights, then she will be demoted to demi-god.
DScull264: If she insults Amy over the headset, she will be reduced to the status of stage crew and beaten severely.
ZerosAshes: LOL!
ZerosAshes: O.o
ZerosAshes: hey, no beatings ^^
DScull264: Nah, I usually whip out something I can hit her back with and we come to a stand-off.
DScull264: Last time it was an umbrella!
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