November 15th, 2001

diner friends

The hell...?

I'm listening to this thing on NPR... it's a US military general talking to these three movie producers about the war on terrorism.

Ah... I see... It's from "Rewind". Cool beans. ^__^

Art museum! Art museum, art museum, art museum! Then I get to come home! Then I get to watch Evo for the first time in over a week! Then I get to go back to school and watch that fucking play again!

Eh... it's not so bad.
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My day...

Art museum good. Lunch with no friends bad. Salvador Dali book... WANT!

Actually... Salvador Dali paintings... WANTWANTWANT! ^^;;

When I get rich and famous I'm getting myself an art collection. Starting with Salvador Dali and moving on to ancient Hindu sculpture and sculptures by Rodin. Then, perhaps, we'll move into the Byzantine Christs and virgins... *plans her museum carefully*

Also... cut hair... WANT! *pouts* Good god, everyone's so touchy about it. I just want to cut off all my hair...

My hair is the only pretty thing about me. For years I've been whining about not being pretty... now I think I'll just embrace my ugliness. I just want to strip off every physical characteristic of mine that could be pretty.

Just another form of self-mutilation.
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diner friends

Theatre can be a dangerous hobby...

The play went surprisingly well tonight. No mistakes on my part.

But... um...

Steve was running backstage to make a cue and he ran into a board that was sticking out. WHAM! Poor baby was bleeding everywhere, crying onstage while he was behind the scrim apparently. Amy was freaking out at me in the headset saying "No! No, he cannot go onstage bleeding! Nuh-uh! He has to stop! And he can't get any of it on his white shirt!" Lauren practically had to hold him up for the finale and he was tottering back and forth and singing completely off-key, so I hear. When I got to see him, he was surrounded by a gaggle of dorky chicks trying to... I dunno... you know those girls who will fawn over guys sometimes (especially in dramatic situations like that)... Anyway, I just grabbed his cheek, turned his head so I could see the cut, gave him a little pat, and said "Don't run into things, baby". He went to the ER almost as soon as everything was tied up.

I like Steve, despite the fact that a lot of people don't. He's just... the sweet little freshman. Amy hates him because he can be very touchy-feely, but I like that... or at least don't mind it. I suppose I do flirt horribly with him... #^__^#

Well, it's easier to flirt with guys than with girls.
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Story notes...

"Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge" reference: "Oh god, I thought we were getting away from Owl Creek, I thought we'd make it home safe." (Hot damn, that works so well for my selfish purposes)

Further chapter titles: 'What Makes You Think You Are Unique?', 'Just Another Overdose', 'I Am Still Living With Your Ghost' (Wow, I'm going to manage to make the rest of them Everclear).

Candle-lighting, excommunication, Catholic stuff. You brought it into the story, Worms... now you have to be consistant and keep it in.
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