November 20th, 2001



Um. Headache. Ouch. *seeks out pills and swallows them* Ok.

Have gotten over monsterous bitch-fest that was yesterday. Don't much care anymore. Will be trying out and being a royal snot about it too, because that's just the fun-loving kinda person I am.

Spent until 5:30 yesterday raising the orchestra pit. Probably the reason why I have said headache. Justin actually managed to do a great job tightening the first seven pieces, but the eighth and last piece looks like... well. *knows Miss Roberts is going to have a mini fit over it* And this is the reason why you don't leave Justin in charge with me and Jessie helping. Heck. At least it holds weight.

Have the next few days off. Am probably going to be expected to do something. Am unhappy about that...

Ooh. I'm interesting, aye? *shakes her head sadly*
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