November 21st, 2001


Hee... whoa...

Am quite possibly going to see Harry Potter this afternoon after run to the bank. And y'know what? I'm nervous. Not excited or ecstatic or anything that could possibly make sense, but nervous. Even though I hear that they didn't screw it up too badly.

So... last night I finally watched Perfect Blue. Which means I can give Emily's brother his DVD back. Anyway... good. Really good. Confusing as hell, but still good. Liked it a lot.

Err... let's see... Going to see Spy Games Friday with Amy. Although, now I see that Hedwig and the Angry Inch is playing at the downtown theatre. *Makes puppy dog eyes at Amy* Please?

Amy: Man...

C'mon... I let you get out of going to see Harry Potter! Please?

Amy: Urg...

Tomorrow is... *chokes* Thanksgiving. It's also my mother's birthday, so I'll have to keep that in mind when she calls.

Mum: Yup. November 22nd. Same day Kennedy got shot.

At least it helps me remember.
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diner friends

Ah... better make this quick...

>.< Thanks dad... I just got the "Hey... it's getting late" speech.

Dad: Hey, it's getting late.

Me: So it is.

Dad: Er... you gonna do something about that?

Me: Maybe...

So... saw Harry Potter. Eyeballs went *phhhhhooooooey!*. Three basic points:

1) Daniel Radcliffe, while only 11/12, is already very beautiful. Damn is he ever going to be attractive when he gets older. But that little-boy prettiness and precocious air won't last forever. Here's hoping he milks it for all it's worth while he has it.

2) Oliver Wood. That's about it. Wow. Gorgeous voice...

3) And... of course... *squealing fangirl melts away temporarily* Excuse me while I have multiple orgasms listening to Alan Rickman talk. And move. And... and... fling that cape around! *melts happily* Did I say 'wow'? I meant... fwwwwwwaaaaooooow...

Also, new art. Evo still...
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