November 22nd, 2001

diner friends

Thanksgiving Day...

Mom called. The bird bit her. -___-;; She gave it the cold shoulder, exactly the same way she does to me. But by the end of the night they were eating popcorn and making a mess.


Oh, and Amy called last night...

Amy: Steph! Steph! About Friday... I have the best news!

Me: Hedwig and the Angry Inch is playing at the downtown theatre and you want to go see that instead of Spy Games, right?

Amy:... How do you manage to ruin all my surprises?

Me: *shrugs* Just a knack, I guess.

Conversation continues...

Amy: Right, so I was having these cravings and we're in the grocery store... I'm just browsing because I don't know what I want exactly. And then I see the pierogies... You think I'm weird, don't you?

Me: Nah... I like pierogies.

Amy: So, I got them and then I realized that what I really wanted was eggrolls!

And even more...

Amy: So we can watch Committed and The Closet... get all the 'C' movies out of the way. And we can eat... um...

Me: Cotton Candy?

Amy: Yeah, exactly! And...

Me: Cauliflower?

Amy: And carrots!

Me: Cashews?

Amy: Yeah! Come to think of it... we should actually start with 'A', shouldn't we? We could watch... um... American Beauty and A.I

Me: An Officer and a Gentleman?

Amy: Yes!

Me: Are you high?

Amy: No!

Er... and we hung up a few minutes later. Amy might actually come and see the Harry Potter movie with me (again) because I went on and on about how gorgeous Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood) is.
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