November 24th, 2001



I made it to another day.

And the fact that Winamp is pulling a Knives skin for this song is frightening.
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Kill Jerry!

I just wanted to post because of my music...

You may continue with your normal lives now.
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I started making banners and buttons. They suck, mind you... but I made them.

Lots of X-Men: Evolution slash buttons. A couple semi-normal internet bumperstickers. And even some Everclear bumper stickers. Plus my regression to a vaguely Pittsburgh accent. If someone uses any of these, I'll be very impressed.
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diner friends

Some people call me a space cowboy!

Good god. I hate this song, but I love it too. It's like a really, really grody drug...

Grody? Did I just use that term? Oh... my bad...

My bad? Did I just...? Nevermind. It's another one of those bad habits I've picked up recently. Like the 'yo' thing, which has spawned entirely from Evolution and Evo fanfics features Toad. >.< Man... it's so stupid-irritating and yet I'm having a bg problem getting his speech patterns out of my head!
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