December 1st, 2001

diner friends


My feet are cold. I've spent the entire day asleep pretty much. Well, I finished Jingo and got a start on Lords and Ladies. But that's about it.

And I'm not alone in the universe, I guess. Which is a good thing, if a slight blow to my ego.

Lalala... y'know, I really like the little foxes except they don't do much.
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    'Santa Monica'- Everclear live-ness

I changed my little peoples...

Because I was tired of the little foxes that do nothing. Even though I still love them. I feel guilty. Maybe I'll change back...

Or maybe I'll go with the penguins. They remind me of Opus (If I could get Milquetoast icons I'd be really happy. Or maybe Bill the Cat).
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    Art Alexakis - Colorfinger - The Color Pit

Arrrggg! >.

My computer's being such a bitch! I'm mad at it! Whaaaa!

Today has been a really stupid day. Not exciting. Only mildly frustrating. Mostly boring and filled with all the things that I should do, but haven't done...

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    Transsiberian Orchestra - Carol of the Bells
diner friends

Ooooh! You dirty rat!

The cd burner does not, under any circumstances, like the live version of "Like a California King". Bam. Tried to spit out two cds on that song. Saved both cds, but did not get the song... -_________-

Now... do I delete all the songs that I burned and still like? Or should I keep them and burn off some of the songs that I'm not so keen on and delete them? Ah, decisions, decisions...
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    'The Color Pit'- Colorfinger... on the cd player!