December 15th, 2001

diner friends

Call me a nut...

But sometimes Winamp is majorly intelligent...

It stuck Rose's Squall and Laguna "Waltz For The Moon" on this song...

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diner friends


And now for my illustrious imitation of Choralworks...

"DEo, DEo, DEo... glorytogodinthehiiiiiiiiigh...EST!"

Boo! Anyone know which Christmas carol that is, anyway? I just like it because they look so funny when they sing it... *head bangs* "DEo, DEo, DEo..."
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diner friends

*shifty eyes*

"DEo, DEo, DEo!"

And, yes, I'm fully aware of how irritating it is...

*runs off*
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To my brain, which vexes me tremendously...

Me: Ok, look. I know this is weird for you.

Brain: Damn straight.

Me: But it really isn't that hard. I mean, I know it's a shock and all...

Brain: Damn straight.

Me: But it's just fluffy angst and I know know you're capable of it...

Brain:.. nuh-uh

Me: Oh that is so untrue!

Brain: Nyah...

Me: Look, it isn't like Harry/Draco is uncommon...

Brain: Fuck you.

Me: Look, I even have a title for you...

Brain: Lemmee alone.

Me: "Gloria in Excelsis Deo"! What a great title!

Brain: Latin.

Me: Uh... yeah...

Brain: "Glory to God in the highest".

Me: Right... but that isn't quite the point.

Brain: No Harry/Draco.

Me: Angst! Dammit... fluffy, stupid, holiday angst! For me? Please...?

Brain: ...tomorrow.

Me: Arrrrrgh!!!!
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