December 27th, 2001


I'm still cold...

So... today... I...

Went to Borders... Got me a pretty magazine that was extremely expensive, but well worth it, for it contains a very mighty article on LotR and many lovely pictures of V., O., and E. hahaha. Yay! Also bought a nice, big book on mythology and a little sushi kit for Stef, who hopefully never reads this journal. Then drank chai, then went home.

And then... and here's the big news... got to see a very nice little video of Orlando Bloom (Legolas) kissing Viggo Mortenson (Aragorn)! Not a big kiss, mind you... peck on the cheek and some loveable horseplay... but for a slash fan, that pretty much gets the screams going. If you want to see, by the way, it is here.

And I came to this via slashchick and the lj community slashwraiths. Right. Thank her. And if you have a screen cap program, make us screen caps. Please. And pass 'em along so we can worship you. Thanks...

Oh, and enjoy the singing hobbits...

Ah... and I also went to my friend Jess's bridal shower.

Me: Wha... you're getting married?

Jess: You don't know this? You're reading poetry at my wedding!

Me: But it's so... weird! Ah!
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