January 2nd, 2002

diner friends


I'm on the phone with Stef. She is simultaneously drooling over Elijah and fearing the email of Justin.

Whoa... And I get to listen to her read her mail.
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Today was a boring day...

But pleasant, because Dad went AWOL sometime this morning. Unfortunately, he came back a few minutes ago, but that was a good five hours I got the house to myself. ^^ I watched SpaceBalls with the commentary on. Mel Brooks cracks me up. Now I want Young Frankenstein on DVD, if only for the commentary.

Maybe I should just rent it...

I want to watch Shrek with the commentary too, but I think that's on the second disk...? I have yet to figure it out.

List of what I need to do for school before I go back:

1. Self portrait in ink (for final exam in EO)
2. Math "project" (two problems... or whatever it is he considers a project. I forgot.)
3. Reduction of Legends of King Arthur? -_-
4. Latin novel- read and write response.
5. Poetry explication.
6. Physics "Happy Meal" project/report. I'm not happy.

I have something for every class except choir. This sucks...
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diner friends

I have a question...

I'm pretty sure no one knows the answer, but I'm gonna try anyway...

In Howard Nemerov's poem "Redeployment" he has this confusing stanza:

The war may be over. I know a man
Who keeps a pleasant souvenir, he keeps
A soldier's dead blue eyeballs that he found
Somewhere- hard as chalk, and blue as slate.
He clicks them in his pocket while he talks.

I don't think eyeballs can harden naturally. Is there some chemical that would cause them to harden? Does he not mean eyeballs? I thought glass eyes, but why would one soldier have two glass eyes? Then I thought marbles, but... I mean, c'mon. Marbles? Could eyeballs have been code for something else?

Help. Any input would be appreciated. This is my poetry thingy, here...
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diner friends


You are Evil Hello Kitty

"Veil of virtue hung to hide your method"... you pretend good but you're really as evil as they come. Cute and adorable, with a fetish for blood. You've been known to do such dastardly deeds as killing and eating your best friends for no particular reason. Could qualify as a Deathkitten.
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