January 5th, 2002


Ouch, headache...

Ok, I made my effort for the day. I woke up. I called Stef. Not home. Got her dad, which was ok. Called Amy. Not home, got her brother.

Rich: 'Lo?

Me: Hi, is Amy there?

Rich: No.

Me: Okay, then. Uh... thanks...

Rich: Welcome.

So pleasant, as usual. See, it's customary to say something like "Can I take a message?" after saying "No, so and so is not home". Now, Richard, I know you won't give her the message, but it would still make me feel better, huh?

Yeah, like that will ever happen.
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Finished my Latin reading...

Ok... I always feel so behind the other languages. I mean, they all speak theirs. Not well, usually, but still. I mean, I can affect a better French accent and the most I can say is "Bonjour! Oui? Je m'appelle Stephanie." And yet, whenever I say something like "Let's try speaking Latin!" I am met with a hearty chorus of 'no's. Not that that surprises me. Tough language. And we don't memorize vocabulary, so I can't go around reading outside of my textbook (although within my textbook, I can do pretty well). We use a college text from the University of Michigan, by the way. It's purple. But right now, we're not focusing on the language. We're reading "The First Man in Rome", which is technically a novel. It's our history lesson. It's... political. It's also... slashy. And it means to be, which is what's keeping me interested. But it's sexual enough that they blocked out the naughty bits. With blue ink. So I can tip my book to the side and still read it. Dammit, but it's so hard to keep from writing journal entries about why the author should spend more time around Lucious and Metrobious.

NPR is running two shows at the same time and it is really, really... weird. O.O Car Talk is overlapping with the news...

So... journal entries... to keep from writing about gay men, I think I'm going to try to write about politics, Gaius Marius, and the yolk.

And Mr. Philips can speak Greek. I think. He can at least write it on the board and it looks neat. I'm liking Mr. Philips more and more, even if he did try to ask me what I was getting for Christmas in front of the class (*snort*). I'm still glad I have Susel for class, though. Forever and ever, peace out.
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