January 7th, 2002


Mmph... *giggles*

"I am speaking, young man; I will not have you running around being a homosexual!"

Oh, yes. Yes, this makes sense all over the place. I still loathe "Boston Public", but it's like a car accident. I can't look away.

Amy was sick today, puking her guts up, which is a good reason not to come to school. And, apparently Sarah fainted twice yesterday (and she's never fainted before). And me? I'm just shakin' all over the place.

This tv show is just trying to offend people. And doing a very good job of it too.
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    "Boston Public"
diner friends

And it continues...

"He can't be! He's good at sports! He simply can't be gay!"

So... stereotype lately? Anybody ever notice how homosexual male-dominated sports are, anyway? Watch football sometime. You'll see what I mean.
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