January 9th, 2002

diner friends


I am not exciting...

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You are one morose motherfucker. Everytime something goes the way you want it to in life, as soon as it is at its peak, it always comes crashing down to hit you in the face. That factors in with your almost always unreachable goals, and that you always manage to say the wrong things at the wrong time. If you just get a haircut and quit trying to make the impossible happen, you're going to be much better off.
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I knew I wasn't Brodie. I love comics too damn much.

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diner friends


Is it your birthday? Well... it says it is in your profile, but I just wanna make sure... ^^;;

Anyway... want an art present? If so, let me know who/what/etc so I can get started and maybe, someday, finish it. *curses her ability to finish what she starts*

Ahh... *proceeds to feel a bit silly*
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They Fight Crime!


He's a notorious Amish paramedic who hangs with the wrong crowd. She's a ditzy out-of-work Hell's Angel with an evil twin sister. They fight crime!

He's a jaded misogynist boxer who hides his scarred face behind a mask. She's a cynical cigar-chomping opera singer operating on the wrong side of the law. They fight crime!

He's an uncontrollable native American jungle king on his last day in the job. She's a cosmopolitan kleptomaniac wrestler looking for love in all the wrong places. They fight crime!

He's an underprivileged shark-wrestling werewolf with a mysterious suitcase handcuffed to his arm. She's a strong-willed Bolivian nun who can talk to animals. They fight crime!

He's an unconventional one-eyed rock star with a robot buddy named Sparky. She's a beautiful French-Canadian angel operating on the wrong side of the law. They fight crime!

Some of these sound like future Terry Pratchett novels.
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