January 10th, 2002


Oooh, icky...

So, I feel like shit today. I stayed home. Throat sore. Nose running. Cough occasionally,

And today is, coincidentally, the day that the physics project (which I haven't finished) is due. Haha. But I'm relly sick. Which is, like, a godsend or something.

*chants to self* Two more sides. Laminate it. Cut it out. Fold it up. Turn it in and run away. No one will be the wiser.

But before that, also do English homework, math homework, Latin homework (ha, book's at school), and poetry thing.

Fuck it. Teachers used to lay off you during exams. This year, it's like "Hi, have another assignment and study for your test, ok!"
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Oh, no...

I'm disgustingly cute!

According to the Which Sanrio Character Are You? quiz, I am:

*coughshackssneezes into kleenex and disproves this test*

It hit me that I haven't been using this as a journal much. *pops cough drop* Ugh. But, oh, I don't have much to say because I feel so crappy. *selfishly hopes that she'll get to stay home tomorrow*

My big news is that I'm probably going to go to Rome next year! ^_^ Yes, it's over a year away, so i don't think i'm allowed to get excited. But still! Rome... foreign country that is not Canada. Wow.(for a rather uncultured American like myself, this is a huge deal. Canada's nice and all... but...) My dad was going on about what a great opportunity this was. Then he said he wanted to come too. -_- See, this is going through my school. I don't want to spend nine days traveling with my father, on my spring break, during my senior year, along with a bunch of casual aquaintances from Latin. I like my dad. I don't get along with him in close quarters. Plus, I want this to be my experiance, you know? Selfish as it sounds... mine, mine, mine!

However the combined cost seems to be deterring him. Somewhere around $5,000 for the both of us is a bit more than he wants to pay. At least I can do my fundraisers and get my summer job. Then again, he makes $50,000 a year. We shall see.

Still, I'm already thinking about how cool it'll be to call people from Rome, and buy postcards and stuff! I love the novelty of that. I am easily amused. Oh, plus the girl I have a crush on is going (for her second time! She went last year too and loved it). I'm beginning to have those absent daydreams again about getting together with her. Naughty, naughty me. Y'know what's so funny? They run almost like fics.

Am bummed, though. No drinking age in Rome and we have to sign a code of conduct saying we won't do bad things like that. Nyah. What's the use of going to Rome if you can't sample the wine?

Want to travel! Want to fly on plane and read magazines and novels and listen to cd player! Want to be dead tired! Want to wander around in a daze! Want to shop!

O.O Want to visit catacombs!
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