January 13th, 2002

diner friends

There's a squirrelly outside...

And Greebo reeeeaaaally wants it.

Love my cats sometimes... his back legs are on the tv and his front legs are on the windowsill and he's staring at it making little "Mrah!" noises of excitement.

And now he's lost interest. No, wait. He's back.

Cats. Go fig.
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diner friends


"That is the stupidest story I ever heard and I read the entire 'Sweet Valley High' series."

"It's Po-Mo!" *blank stare* "Post modern?" *blank stare* "Okay, weird for the sake of weird." "Ohhh!!!"
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I can't control anything...

I can't control my hands... oh god... I hate this... I hate this so much...

Stopped taking the medication again because of the cold. Oh god, this is so hard to handle. I'm trying to be normal again, I'm trying...

I can't even draw!
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