January 21st, 2002

diner friends

Ooh! I get flamed!

Hah... I like it!

"Dude if you gatta write slash, for the love of humanity make it girl-girl sex!
you are proply a fag"

On ff.net for my Remus/James story. Haha... fag... Um... *checks* No, see... I'm female. And for the love of humanity, I do like sex with other girls. But see... if you want girl/girl porn, I'm not going to give it to you. Because my ethical standards are waaaaay up high. You will never see them. If you wanna see two chicks together, go buy a copy of Penthouse. I have other things to do.

And this isn't a flame, but I love it anyway:

"i like the way you type"

Yes, thanks... ^__^ I do it with my fingers on the keyboard.
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On fashion and other unimportant shit...

The teen fashion test at selectsmart.com

# 1 Emo
# 2 Skater
# 3 Goth
# 4 Raver
# 5 Funky alternative *unique*
# 6 Hardcore Punk
# 7 Sporty/casual
# 8 Prep
# 9 Ghetto
# 10 Flashy/Slutty

Ok... Emo? So I'm trying to figure out what emo is exactly. And I've run across explanations of it being kinda the 'nerd' style or the EMOtional style. This is me being confused...

Me: *baffled* You mean the t-shirts, ugly sneakers or flip-flops, red track jacket, and baggy pants I throw on every morning constitute an actual style?

Apparently so...

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