January 25th, 2002



This day is not going to be ranking anywhere near my top ten. Workshop on acting and singing...

*snore* What do I care? Arrrgh, I don't like performing anymore. I'm leaving Acting and Directing. So long, byebye, see ya later. And next period I have to go to a workshop on writing plays.

I don't write plays. In fact, I suck at writing plays. If I don't even bother to understand the plays that I read or act, why should I care about writing them?

This is so far away from my league that I may be in an entirely different country. Yeah.

"It was short."
"It was good."
"We loved it!"
-The basic mantra at a choir recital.
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diner friends


I totally forgot that Everclear's version of this song was a cover. Don't I feel stupid? Heh... Obviously the original is by INXS

It's still perfect, though...

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diner friends

This sucks...

I'm bored. I'm lethargic. And my head hurts, hurts, hurts...

Oh... and I'm unbelieveably whiney. ^_^;; Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa... somebody call the WHAAAmbulance!

And if I ever quote Justin again, I want someone to shoot me.

By the way, that play-writing workshop was actually pretty fun. First of all, Amy wasn't in it. So I didn't have to pretend anything. Secondly, Sarah was in it, so I had someone to talk to to. And the guy was great! He was really cool... I definitely liked him.

I think I actually liked it more than I thought it would because it focused on storytelling and writing devices and not on acting and actors.

Boo! Actors suck! I can now say this, as I no longer am one...
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diner friends


*points to music* Eeee!

"You stupid college FUCK! Act like you think you're tall!"

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diner friends

Ummm, kay...

The ring finger on my left hand hurts... and I don't know why. It hurt and itches and the skin feels kinda raw too. Yeochies...

My life is slowly returning to the closest kinda of normal it can possibly get... Told Ben today that Amy and I were kinda on rocky terms and he said "Well, I'm not surprised. She's one cold bitch." Also metioned something about her needing a good, deep dicking (shades of "Chasing Amy", of course...) And Steve was being really complimentary, saying things like "You're such a fun person and you're so unique," which was freaking me out. Heh... he's a sweetie, though. Everytime we see each other the conversation goes "Stephanie!" "Steve!" And then we hug 'cause we're idiots like that.

And no one had anything bad to say about the dialogue I wrote at the workshop. Heh... I was afraid it was going to be awkward because only one of the characters was capable of talking... but somehow it worked really well.

Tomorrow: evil solo and ensemble. Also tomorrow, if such can be arranged: See 'Assassins' with Ryan in it. Then go straight to movie theatre with Stef and see 'Princess Bride'.

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Why is this such a great line...?

"There are no such things as 'love bites' for the lycanthropic."

Hot damn, do I love being in writer mode. Remus, darling... you inspire me!

Remus: *nervously coughs and shuffles his feet*

Mwahahaha. You are now in my clutches. Prepare for world domination! *evil grinning and hand-rubbing*
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