January 27th, 2002


Hmmm... ok

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You sometimes doubt yourself - who you are and what you can do. You're a curious person, with questions and concerns about the world. You go along with the crowd and aim to please others to your best ability. But when you finally discover what you're really capable of, you can do some serious ass kickin'! You're fast and furious, and you will always stick up for what you believe, and those who you care for. Not only that, but you're charming and charismatic, so you get along with people well, and others often look up to you.
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    "The Ballad of Guiteau"- Assassins
diner friends

There's another national anthem...

"For those who never win. For the suckers, for the pikers, for the ones who might have been."

I. Am. Obsessed. With." Assassins". Evil, evil play! Ahhh! Evil, slashy play with great music by Stephen Sondheim.

Speaking of slashy, I finally got the X-Men: Evolution slash site up. It needs more content, but I'm really shy and lazy... so it's a little bare right now.

"Everybody's got the right to their dreams... *BANG*"
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    "Everybody's Got The Right"- Assassins
diner friends


Assassins selector (Yes! I made it! These are my results...)

# 1 Leon Czolgosz
# 2 John Wilkes Booth
# 3 John W. Hinkley, Jr.
# 4 Lee Harvey Oswald
# 5 Samuel Byck
# 6 Charles Guiteau
# 7 Balladeer
# 8 Giuseppe Zangara
# 9 Sara Jane Moore
# 10 Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme

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    "The Ballad of Guiteau"- Assassins