January 28th, 2002

diner friends

Test ganked from Reny...

Which Final Fantasy 8 Character Are You?

You are Fuujin! You've dealt with a lot of problems, and may
be more introverted now than you once were. The wounds have
healed but scars are still there. You've got a bit of a temper,
which might make it hard for you to form lasting friendships.

Take the Final Fantasy 8 Test here!


I think I'm just silly. I actually really want to go to school so I can find Mike and babble about seeing Ryan... Meep.
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Why is this so awfully fun?

Maybe I should stop trying to create a fan base for "Assassins". I mean... eeking into an existing fan base is stressful enough... do I have to create it too?

Eh... and yet... Here's the first page of my silly story.

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diner friends


Ok, so the guy who plays Richard Fish on "Ally McBeal" (Greg Germann) played John Hinkley (the guy who tried to assassinate Reagan) in the original production of "Assassins"...

Whoa... I love Greg Germann! This is so cool!

Oh, and in this season's Broadway production of "Assassins", guess who was supposed to appear as Lee Harvey Oswald? Neil Patrick Harris! Better known as Doogie Howser... hee. But that production was canceled due to Sept. 11.

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