January 30th, 2002

diner friends

So, hey...

I actually watched "Buffy..." last night. My first episode and it's about cannibalism. Like Lysimache said, I now have the strangest craving to see "Sweeney...". 'Course, I'm craving Sondheim in general, but I think this clinched it.

Ok, so... James Marsters... beautiful. Alyson Hannigan... lovely, especially when her eyes were all nutty. The actual show? Um... campy. ^^;; But fun campy, for the most part! I especially loved the "Doublemeat is people!" scene. Soylent Green! Whahaha!

Anyway... I remember batteries!
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diner friends


I just remembered!

There are X-Men: Evolution valentines out!... But where? Whaaa! I want them! I'd hoard them, but I still want them!
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diner friends

Settling into routine here...

Same bat time, same bat channel! How am I doing?

So... we started reading "Macbeth" in English class. Now, "Macbeth" is my favorite play by Shakespeare. It's one of my all time favorite stories. Macbeth is one of my favorite characters. "Macbeth" was the first Shakespeare play I ever saw (many to follow). Over the years, it has stuck with me. I love this play.

But she talks too much! She's ruining it for me! Auugeeeer! Rawr. And I got to play Macbeth today, but Macbeth doesn't do much in the beginning of the play, so I only said a few lines.

I want to be Macbeth for the dagger scene! Pretty, pretty please? I did that for an audition. Come to think of it, I did it for an audition for a play that Ryan directed. I didn't make it in... but then we didn't know each other then. I informed him of this fact later and he said "Oh my God! I'm so, so sorry!" ^__^ It was cute.

But not being cast in that play didn't bother me at the time because I was doing Cinderella for school. It bothers me now because getting cast in that play would have meant spending more time with Ryan. But... fate...
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diner friends

Y'know what's funny...?

This is my idiosyncrasy that I wanted to point out last night. I think. And, yes... I guess I made up the word 'idiosyncricity'. ^^;; It looked right to me...

Ok... so, I associate people with their little personal icons. And I know it's what you're supposed to do, but... I think I take it to an extreme. I think some part of my mind expects Rose to be a little pink bunny in real life. And Kemmy to look like Wolfwood. And...

Well... che... you get the idea. Hell, if I didn't know Brandita in real life, I'd expect her to look like her little... creature. Yeah...

Does anyone else do this? I'm more of a visual person, so I tend to associate people with images fairly quickly. Heh... does anyone here associate spinning!Vash with me?

Because that'd make me laugh...
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New journal design...

Well... what is the consensus today? I decided I wanted to try this background business.

Yeah. Uh-oh. Plus I decided I wanted to use something I'd drawn. >.< Arrrgh! This would probably work better if I was a better artist.

But for now I suppose it is cute.
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diner friends


Mrs. Costa: I talked toa woman who trains models one and she told me that she makes all her girls drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day!
Anya: Why? Because that's all they eat?
Mrs. Costa: ... No.

"... Hamlet finally kills Claudius... Why? Because all rights must be wronged! I mean... umm... all wrongs must be righted."
- Vince Cardinal speaking at a writing workshop at my school.

John: Why is it that these rednecks always have three names? James Earl Ray, John Wilkes Booth-
Lee: Lee Harvey Oswald!
- "Assassins" (And Sara Jane Moore, come to think of it...)
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I just remembered something else I wanted to blather about.

In choir we're doing this one song for contest. And about halfway through it starts changing keys every measure.



Is it just me or does that seem reeeeeaaaaally extravagent to anyone else?

And for my singing lessons, I now have to learn one song in Italian andone in English. My English song is "No One Is Alone" from Into The Woods. So that's good. Heck, I've been watching and listening to Into The Woods since I was four... or some other ridiculously young age. It's this Italian piece I'm worried about... *chokes and dies* Grrr... Italian!

And damned if I leave out this quote:

"Listen to the stories, hear it in the songs. Angry men don't write the rules and guns don't right the wrongs."
- "Assassins"
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