February 6th, 2002



Amy is apparently dying...



Ha! Fooled you! Actually she's really, really sick. Anya was talking about it because she wasn't at play rehearsal yesterday. I bet she won't be there today either.

Watch me not care.



Ok, so maybe I care a little.



Ok, a lot. Normally I'd just give her a call to see how she was doing. But now... I dunno. *waves hands around* She will recover without me.
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diner friends


Amy has a sinus infection.

It's not that bad. She sounds like shit, but it's not as if she'll be dying by the end of the week. And, luckily, she doesn't have to say a word in her play. Assuming that she'll be there and stuff...
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diner friends

Hah! It may suck...

But at least it sucks whole-heartedly.

You're Leon Czolgosz! Your last name is pronounced "Chol-gosh"
and you are the child of Polish immigrants. You were working as a full time
laborer by the age of twelve in dangerous factories where injury was common. You
supported the Anarchists and were especially taken with Emma Goldman. Some think
you were just a tool in her plan to assassinate President William McKinley,
while others think you acted alone. Whichever it is, you done your duty.

Character From "Assassins" are you?
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