February 18th, 2002

diner friends


I love getting the day off when my dad doesn't. It's pretty awful, but I love having the house to myself.

Ah... empty house...

I just got out of the shower...oh... 15 minutes ago. My hair's already nearly dry! I'm not used to this. I'm still not used to short hair. How weird is that? I still expect to have to pull it out of my collar, or put it back in place after the wind rips through it...

But there's no need. It's so damn short. And it used to be so damn long...

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Arg... I'm so bored, yet I have this horrible urge to CREATE, CREATE, CREATE! Damn you! Draw, write, update various web sites. Anything! For the love of god, ANYTHING!

Oh, but I'm also very tired. And I'll have to go to school tomorrow. And I just plain don't wanna do anything that takes effort.

My brain is sooooo very confused at the moment.

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