February 28th, 2002


My nose hurts

Which means it is dry.

I felt like doing stuff. In fact I keep on feeling like that. It's so irritating. Whaarg. Stop wanting a life damn you!

And on a lighter note: I did not make the school newspaper. And they sent me a little note saying "We're sorry you didn't make it. Many qualified applicants applied..."

My thoughts? Bull and shit. I was the only person who applied to be their illustrator. The only. So they just didn't want me. Period.

The way I see it, I would have been doing a favor to them. Their graphics suck. I could haved helped them suck less. All they would have had to let me do was sit in their damn room and draw for a full period a day. And I can do that in the art room.

I had a real rant worked out, until I decided I didn't care. Fuck you! And many cheerful Christmas greeting up your ass! You will not be missed. And I will mock you. Enough.

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