March 6th, 2002



Misshap last night with a razorblade. Contrary to popular opinion, there are times when I cut myself and those are a complete accident. Last night was one of those nights.

Ok, not a complete accident. I was going to cut, but I needed to get the blade out of the cheap plastic... huzzah. So as I was maneuvering it, I slipped. And now I have this lovely curved cut on the index finger of my right hand.

It scared me. I know this sounds stupid, but it really did scare me. Why? Well, for a few minutes I was afraid I was going to need stitches. And stitches I couldn't have. I don't think I'd have the courage to say to my dad "Hey... uh... look at my finger!"

But I think I can get away without stitches. The really scare thing was that it was a cut that I hadn't controlled. So I panicked. When I make the cuts it makes me feel good. When chance makes the cuts it makes me panic.

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