March 10th, 2002


My life is not exciting

No, not at all. I wish I had something to write about, but as usual... it's a stupid wish. Because I do have things to write about.

I just don't wanna.

Bitch, bitch, bitch...

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diner friends

A bit too accurate, I fear...

Take the High Yield Killing Method Test Now!!

Congratulations, you are a Serial Killer! Others prefer mass killings, or years of blood and hate, but your blood-lust is much more cultivated and refined. A high body count is not your turn on, you like the hunt, the selection of the perfect prey, and the slow torture before the kill. S ometimes, you renew your thirst for life by consuming a portion of your victim. Some people like caviar and classical music, you like human eyes and bloodcurling shrieks of ultimate pain. There is, as they say, no accounting for taste.

Y'know, someone actually told me that I wouldn't like visiting a morgue! How dumb it that? Dude... that's one of my life's goals. Right before working in one.
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Aaaargh! I got a flame!

>__< And it really hit home too, because it was for what I was sure would be the riskiest fic I ever wrote... My "Assassins" thingy...

"This was only your typical slash fiction.Very uninspired and dull.THe "CATS" slash and "Pooh Bear"slash I read was far more imaginative than this fic."

Ok, small, sad, uninformed child who writes "Cats" fiction, and nothing but. Your typical slash fiction goes something like "Ur gay!!!!1 I am to! Let's fuck!" And so on and so forth. And while there is bad slash out there, there's also good slash. And why I should have to sit here and make a distinction between slash and non-slash is idiotic... since there is also really awful hetero stuff being written. Why call my story "bad slash"? Why not just call it a bad story? Or is it bad because it's about a subject matter that you don't like? Is it dull, perhaps, because you've never seen "Assassins"?

And of course Pooh slash would have to be imaginative, wouldn't it? I mean... god! Christ! Even I wouldn't touch something like that... it just feels wrong. I mean... there aren't even actual *relationships* in Pooh. It just doesn't feel right to drop sexuality right into the middle of something so innocent.

Oh, I really, really want to get back at this person. I mean, they have a "Cats" slash fic for christsakes. Excerpt:

"That whole 'mating dance'thing was just a cover-up,"Plato said."I did'nt want anyone to know that I was gay...I did'nt know how they would react if I told them."

Now if that's not unoriginal, I don't know what is. "Oh, no! I never loved that member of the opposite sex that was conveniently set up for me in the plot! Only you, my same-sex life partner!" *keels over and dies* If you honestly want to critisize my originality, then you'd better be sure it's not a case of the pot calling the kettle black, excuse my cliches.

Comments? Anybody else think I should leave a nice, constructive review perhaps?
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