March 16th, 2002

diner friends

"You know you work in non-profit theatre if...."

I love this site to death.'ve ever appeared on stage wearing your own clothes. (Yes...)'ve ever cleaned a tuxedo with a magic marker. (Or sprayed a costume liberally with Febreeze and declared it dry-cleaned.)
....your family is more than 50% of the staff. (Viva le Hermans!)'ve ever appeared in a show where tech week is devoted to getting the running time under four and a half hours..... (Yes, of course...)'ve ever appeared on stage in an English drawing room murder mystery where half the cast spoke with southern accents. (Or a version of Dracule where the director pointedly tells you not to use British accents?) think Neil Simon is a misunderstood genius. (Doesn't everyone?)'ve ever appeared in a show where the cast out-numbered the audience 2 to 1. (Or more...)
....the audience recognizes you the minute you walk on stage because they saw you taking out the trash before the show. (*Snerks*)'ve ever menaced/threatened anyone with a gun held together with electrical tape. (Those are the only guns we have... unless you wanna use the SuperSoaker)'ve ever had to haul a sofa off stage between scenes wearing an evening gown and heels. (Yes...)'ve ever appeared in a show where an actor leaned out through a window without opening it first. (Or tried to walk through an invisible wall and pretended to hit his head on it?)'ve ever heard a director say "Try not to bump into the furniture" and mean it. (*Giggles*)
....the set designer has ever told you not to walk on the left half of the stage because the floor's still wet -- five minutes before curtain. (Yup... "Try not to walk here or the stage will collapse")
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