March 22nd, 2002


Unpleasant day today...

Ugh... I hate having a headache all of the time. It gets really tedious after awhile. Not to mention painful. But I guess that kind of goes without saying.

Yah... so... everything's all boring and shiznet. It looks like a might actually be able to get all my mandatory schoolwork done before the class when it needs to be handed in. Got math done. Took notebook quiz in math (cheated too... *slaps her hands* Bad, bad me!). Did English recitation. Got through it, but missed a line. *smirks* Still a decent actor. Listened to other people recite lines and imagined how I would have interpreted them.

Anya got dumped pretty damn badly by Ross. Hah, hah, and hah I say! Am reveling happily in the childish security I get by watching her be both humiliated and disappointed.

Watched Amy and felt sad (and a little mad) but not nearly so much as I would have a month ago. I'll probably see her at Jess's wedding tomorrow (but not at the rehearsal dinner tonight). Joy. What I'm wondering is... how am I going to get from the church to the restaurant? And tomorrow... how am I getting to the reception? ;___; Unfair! I wish I could drive! >__> I don't want dad there; this is my thing. My friends.

*sigh* I guess I'll just hitch.

Oh... it snowed today. And yesterday. And why is it doing this? Because NE Ohio is evil. Ah well. Will be going to North Carolina on Sunday, most probably. Not that that'll be much better, since I'll be in the same general area as my grandparents. Joy squared. The only thing I'm looking forward to is the long drive, which hopefully I'll be spending sleeping and listening to music and drawing and reading and sleeping... but not driving. Yes, please dad... no highway driving. Please...
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diner friends

Almost forgot...

Watched the "Thriller" video in second period. As soon as Remus saw him changing into a wolf- BAM!- he claimed that song for his own.

Not necessarily the video, but the song definitely.

As for Seth S., now that I've seen the video, I find myself wondering even more how he plans to replicate all that on a stage. On our stage. For a high school production.

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