March 29th, 2002

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My computer is a spastic mouse!

A spastic fucking mouse on crack. Or something.

I want to kick it! Kick it, I say! But then I know that it definitely won't work... so I don't.

Last night it gave me the Blue Screen Of Imminent Death fifty bazillion times.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit... I looooooooove my computer! *huggles the hard drive* Yes, yes! I looooove you! *smoochens*

Ha... I was just about to rant about how my "awful" computer shut itself down before I had the chance to save the beginnings of my lastest silly writings. But I just tried opening up Word and what did I see? A recovered document just for me!

Awww! This is the best present a girl could get!
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Ok... the computer is dying. Slowly and painfully. Right now I'm on Dad's laptop... some cursed error is buggering up the Windows operating system on the other one. Have tried installing XP onto it, but that gets stopped up by the errors. Can't put the stuff onto CDs. Next try is saving all the files to zip drives and then clearing the harddrive. If they won't go onto the zip drives, then... Bumpity, bumpity, bumpity *splat!* Dad's bit of comfort is "Well... you wouldn't lose your published web pages".

Not much comfort, since it's what has gone unpublished that matters most to me.

;____; Whaaa...
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